Progress through Market Research

SDI Market Research provides cutting-edge data, reliable fundamentals and substantiated analysis: best preconditions for a rapid and sustainable market success. Get the big picture!
Practical and detailed information are the basis for successful marketing, advertising and strategic development. Built up systematically, our research shows, thanks to modern analytical methods, details and backgrounds of the market development. The great advantage of systemic market research is that the most effective and efficient approaches can be revealed for action.

Surveys and Market Analysis

Market Research
Benefit trough market potenzials: SDI Market Research provides the required facts and figures.

SDI Market Research provides precise answers to quantitative and qualitative questions about markets, market size, market shares, target groups, market segments and market potentials:

  • market shares and (prospective) market volumes
  • purchasing power and buying interest
  • favoured products and services
  • medium- and long term market development
  • market potentials and opportunities

Comparative Market Research & Competition Analysis

Market Research: Image profiles
USP - develop unique selling positions systematically to differentiate from competitiors.
SDI Market Research supports companies to win market competition. The review of reputation and image, the positioning over the competition is a key criterion of success. Our comparative market analysis show position, strengths, weaknesses and potentials from a customer perspective. And you will learn how to win new markets and customers. Learn more about:

  • Reputation and image of your company, your brands and products.
  • Benchmarks - have products and services objectively compared.
  • Customer groups and profiles and how they are to win.
  • SWOT-analysis: how to use and improve strength, how to avoid weaknesses, how to find an use opportunities and threats and how to cope with threats

Marketing, Marketing-Mix and Strategy

Market Research and marketing
SDI Market Research provides system analytical based SWOT-analysis
An active marketing is the best strategy towards success. The SDI Market Research supports the development of effective marketing strategies, striking advertising campaigns and the effectiveness of the marketing mix by system analysis based market research methods:

  • How to develop a successfull long-term strategy.
  • How to increase the impact of advertising.
  • How to make marketing more cost-effectively.
  • How to mobilize consumers and win them as customers.
  • How to find the most prosperous market-segments.
  • How to initiate a successful product launch.

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wellnesOb in der Therme, im Müsli-Riegel, im Joghurt oder im Fitness-Studio: überall steht Wellness drauf, überall soll Wellness drinnen sein. SDI-Research zeigt Wege, wie sich die einzelnen Anbieter positionieren können. mehr...

Klimawandel und Konsumverhalten

klimawandel_konsumverhaltenFür 72% der Österreicher ist der Klimawandel eine klare Tatsache. Wie stark sich der Klimawandel auf das Konsumverhalten der Menschen und damit auf die Wirtschaft auswirken wird, zeigt unsere aktuelle Studie...


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